[ { "title": "Web portal API test report generation", "publication_date": "2015/24/09", "number": "09417992", "url": "/2015/09/24/web-portal-api-test-report-generation/", "abstract": "A system for generating application programming interface (“API”) test reports for a software application derives one or more Java APIs to be tested from the software application and derives Java Unit (“JUnit”) test methods used to test the Java APIs. The system then maps each Java API with a corresponding JUnit test method and generates one or more test reports.", "owner": "Oracle International Corporation", "owner_city": "Redwood Shores", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "System and method to test executable instructions", "publication_date": "2015/10/04", "number": "09477584", "url": "/2015/04/10/system-and-method-to-test-executable-instructions/", "abstract": "This document discusses, among other things, a method of testing an Application Programming Interface (API) call that includes receiving data identifying a schema associated with web services together with an API call. Various example embodiments may relate to accessing a data repository associated with the schema to identify an API response corresponding to the API call. In some example embodiments, a message is returned that is based on a determination of whether the API call is valid. The example message may simulate an API response from web services.", "owner": "PAYPAL, INC.", "owner_city": "San Jose", "owner_country": "US" } ]