[ { "title": "", "publication_date": "2018/02/06", "number": "", "url": "/2018/06/02/2015-05-20-performing-efficient-cache-invalidation/", "abstract": "", "owner": "", "owner_city": "", "owner_country": "" }, { "title": "Securely authorizing client applications on devices to hosted services", "publication_date": "2015/01/10", "number": "09621355", "url": "/2015/10/01/securely-authorizing-client-applications-on-devices-to-hosted-services2/", "abstract": "A client application of a device queries/interrogates a secure device identity module of the device to obtain a device identifier of the device and a signed string generated by the security device identity module using a private key unique to the device. The client application of the device sends to an authorization server a request containing the device identifier and the signed string. Depending on an authentication result obtained for the device based on the device identity, the authorization server sends to the device an access token that enables the client application to access a resource.", "owner": "Cisco Technology, Inc.", "owner_city": "San Jose", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "System and method for securing a third party communication with a hosting web page", "publication_date": "2015/31/03", "number": "09369475", "url": "/2015/03/31/system-and-method-for-securing-a-third-party-communication-with-a-hosting-web-page/", "abstract": "A system and method for providing secure communications between third parties and hosting web pages. The method includes uploading a hosting web page to a client device, the hosting web page includes at least a sand-box proxy and a sand-box engine; uploading a third party module to the hosting web page; determining whether a proxy API call received from the third party module meets at least one validation rule, the proxy API call includes at least a script and a payload parameter provided by the third party module; for each validation rule, upon determining that the proxy API call does not meet the validation rule, modifying the script to meet the validation rule; generating an engine API call including at least the payload parameter validating the engine API call; and upon validation of the engine API call, executing, by the sand-box engine over the hosting web page, the payload parameter.", "owner": "Sizmek Technologies Ltd.", "owner_city": "Herzliya", "owner_country": "IL" } ]